How Do You Know Your Heater Needs a Repair?

From a burning smell to higher energy bills, there are many telltale signs that your heating system is in need of a repair. When your home’s heater is on the fritz, it’s imperative that you get it inspected right away by a heating repair company in Grosse Pointe right away. You don’t want to be without heat on the coldest nights of the year!

Here are some things to keep an eye out for.

1.  Burning Odor

This is one of the more common signs. If you detect a foul burning odor when you turn on your system, this could mean there’s a damaged component or there could be a burning plastic or rubber part somewhere in the system. First, try changing the filter. If that doesn’t work, a technician will have to be called to troubleshoot the issue.

2.  Strange Noises

Heating systems are generally quiet, so if yours is starting to make a lot of loud, sudden, unusual noises, a repair is probably in order. Specifically if you hear screeching, banging, or grinding, this could mean you have a loose, broken, or detached internal component that needs replacement.

3.  Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent unexpected and expensive repairs. This will also improve the efficiency of your entire system, thus reducing your energy costs. If your energy bills have been steadily creeping up, it’s probably time to replace your older model with a new efficient one. An eco-friendly model makes a big difference, not only in your comfort but in your monthly energy bills too.

4.  Constantly Running Compressor

If your compressor runs constantly or it short cycles often, a serious underlying problem could be to blame. Short cycling happens when the system is over heated and then suddenly stops. When the compressor starts running constantly with no breaks, or you notice it’s taking a very long time to heat your home to a comfortable temp, you may need a repair or replacement. Ignoring this issue can not only increase your energy bills but cause damage to your heating system.

5.  Uneven Heat Distribution

If different rooms in your home vary greatly in temperature, this uneven distribution of heat signals a faulty system. While you could consider adding another layer of insulation around all your doors and windows, you may need a repair or replacement of the heating system so it functions more consistently.

6.  Dust in the Filter

Your filter is designed to trap dust and allergens that circulate throughout the house. Your family’s health depends on good air quality, so if you have all been sick lately or have allergy and asthma symptoms, a clogged filter could be to blame. Be sure to change it on a regular basis to ensure the health of everyone in the home.

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