Benefits of Smart Home Thermostats

Today’s advancements make it possible to control your home’s systems from afar. From appliances to lights, it’s easier than ever to program these components according to your lifestyle – all with the touch of a button. Wi-fi-enabled smart thermostats are no different. Not only can you track and monitor usage via an app, you can turn your heating and cooling up or down while away from the home. 

Here are some of the benefits of installing smart thermostats in your Metro Detroit home.  

Smart Thermostats Save You Money and Time

With smart thermostats, you’re able to schedule your HVAC systems to run according to your schedule. No need to be home to make adjustments in person. You can program your heat to go off after you leave for work in the morning, and then kick back on by the time you arrive in the evening, for example. If you forget to turn on the AC after a long day at the beach, you can do it remotely while you’re still in the parking lot.

This saves you money because you’re not leaving your heating and cooling systems on all day. According to, you can save eight percent on your energy bills, or $50 per year, with a smart thermostat. Those savings can really add up!

Smart Thermostats Allow You to Track Energy Usage

With a smart WiFi thermostat, you can easily keep track of your energy usage with real-time data, creating your very own home energy profile that alerts you to changes in your energy consumption over time and how you can decrease your costs even more by making certain adjustments.  

Smart Thermostats Can Be Controlled Remotely

Whether at the office before leaving work, on the train, at school, on vacation, or even on the couch, you can use your phone and app to control your HVAC system remotely. This is great for homeowners, to be sure, but it’s also very handy for property managers who rent to tenants or vacationers. You can get alerts if the interior temperature of the house has risen above or fallen below your pre-set limits.

Smart Thermostats Are Easy to Use

You may assume a smart thermostat is difficult to program. But it’s actually very easy to use. You can even enable movement detectors that sense when members of the household are active at home. Your smart thermostat will learn over time when the house should be cooled or heated based on those movement patterns. Then, the system can make adjustments in your HVAC schedule to account for any seasonal changes throughout the year.

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