AC Repair in Royal Oak MI

Does your AC run more than you think it should in the summer? Do you struggle to get a comfortable temperature inside when the heat starts to rise? These are potential signs that you may need AC repair.

Warm or Breezy offers affordable and dependable AC repair in Royal Oak MI and surrounding areas. We have technicians available every day of the week to get your air conditioning running properly. Contact us at (586) 335-3044 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

You Might Be Surprised by How Much You Can Save!

Air conditioning accounts for 27% of the average U.S. household’s energy usage. An inefficient air conditioner could cost you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted electricity. The sooner you tackle the repairs on your AC unit, the sooner you can start saving. Our licensed AC contractors are here to take care of the problem and keep your unit working as long and as well as possible.

  • Top-Quality Replacement Parts That Are Made in America and Installed by Licensed AC Repair Technicians in Royal Oak MI
  • Over 24 Years of Experience in HVAC Repair and Maintenance
  • Fair Pricing and Dependable Service with No High-Pressure Sales
  • Quick Response Times – We’re Open 7 Days a Week
  • Free Quotes on New Equipment Installation, complete with a 2-Year Labor Warranty
  • Military, Veteran, and Senior Discounts Available
  • AC Repairs for Home Warranties
  • Warm or Breezy Is Highly Rated on Google with 100+ Reviews

Give us a call at (586) 335-3044 to schedule an appointment for AC repair in Royal Oak MI. We’ll get you taken care of!

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Complete Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement Services for Your Heating and AC

You can count on Warm or Breezy for all your HVAC service needs. We provide the following solutions for your home:

  • Air Conditioner Installation, AC Replacement, and AC Repair in Royal Oak MI
  • Heater Repair, Boiler Repair, and Furnace Repair
  • Energy Efficiency Conversions for HVAC Systems
  • Swap Outs with Free Quotes on New Equipment
  • Yearly HVAC Maintenance Programs That Can Extend the Life of Your Heating and Air Conditioning
  • City Safety Inspections for Certificates of Occupancy
  • Indoor Gas Fireplaces and Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Chimney Liner Services and Ductless Mini Split Setups
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats and Other Customizable Features

If You Would Like a Quote for AC Repair in Royal Oak MI, Contact Warm or Breezy at (586) 335-3044