6 Ways to Tell That Your Heater Needs a Repair

From uneven heat distribution to a compressor that constantly runs, there are several red flags that tell you your home’s heating system is in need of repair. As soon as you suspect there’s a problem, it’s important to call an HVAC technician in Harper Woods right away so the issue can be inspected and addressed. Failing to fix these issues could cause unnecessary strain on your unit, increase your energy bills, or even pose a threat to your family’s safety.

At the very least, you don’t want your heating system to fail you on those cold winter Michigan nights. Keep an eye out for these signs:

1.  Weird Noises

Your heating system should be relatively quiet. If it has started making sudden, loud, or unusual noises, you may need a repair of some kind. Specific noises to be concerned about include banging, grinding, and screeching, typically caused by a detached, loose, or broken internal component that needs to be replaced.

2.  Burning Odor

A common sign of heater issues is a foul burning odor when switching on the system, usually due to a damaged component, or burning plastic or rubber part. The first step is to change the filter to see if that helps. If not, call a Roseville HVAC technician for further investigation.

3.  A Spike in Energy Bills

Regular maintenance prevents unexpected, expensive repairs to be sure. However, this also improves the efficiency of your heating system while subsequently reducing your energy costs. If you have noticed steadily-increasing energy bills or bills with a sharp spike, you may have to consider replacing your older model with a newer one. Energy-efficient models will make a big difference in your monthly energy bills, not to mention your family’s comfort.

4.  Uneven Heat Distribution

Do you notice different rooms in your home varying greatly in temperature? A faulty system could be to blame for this uneven distribution. Sure, you could add more insulation around all doors and windows to see if that helps, but the more likely course of action is to have a technician repair or replace the unit for more consistent functioning.

5.  Dust in the Filter

Your filter’s sole job is to trap dust and allergens circulating throughout the house. Good air quality is imperative for ensuring your family’s health. If you have all been feeling sick lately or are experiencing increased asthma and allergy symptoms, it could be something as simple as a clogged filter that’s to blame. Change your filters on a regular basis – at least every three months — to ensure the health of occupants.

6.  Constantly Running Compressor

Does your compressor seem to kick on frequently or run constantly? A serious underlying problem could be causing this annoying issue. Short cycling is when your system over heats and then stops, over and over again. When the compressor runs constantly with no let-up, or you notice it takes a much longer time to heat your home, a repair or replacement may be in order. Ignoring this issue not only causes damage to your heating system, it can increase your energy bills.

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