6 Signs Your Boiler Needs to be Replaced

A boiler is designed to produce either hot water or steam for the purpose of domestic or commercial heating. It’s never good to be without a boiler, especially in winter, so ensuring this unit is working properly at all times is key. That’s where regular maintenance and timely repairs come in.

Be on the lookout at all times for signs that your boiler needs replacement. Usually this will be due to age, but there are other warning signs. Addressing these issues sooner rather than later will save you time, hassle and money.

Here are some of the top signs that your boiler needs replacement.

1.     Odd Noises

Boilers are usually fairly quiet. If you have heard strange and loud sounds coming from the unit, like whirring, banging and clunking, this could indicate that the pump or fan is on the fritz.  If the sounds you’re hearing are more like whistling or gurgling sounds, this could mean that your water pressure is too low. It could also indicate that your boiler is kettling, which happens when salt and debris get trapped in the heat exchanger.

2.     Foul Odors

As you know, carbon monoxide leaks are very serious and deadly. No, you can’t smell the carbon dioxide itself, but sometimes such leaks are accompanied by a slight foul odor. This odor means the boiler isn’t burning properly. If you see a yellow flame rather than the normal blue, this is another sign of a carbon monoxide leak. Evacuate the business or home and call emergency services.

3.     Higher Heating Bills

If there’s been a spike in your home or business heating bills, a leak could be the culprit, or it could just mean your boiler is getting on in years and isn’t as efficient as it once was. In general, boilers have a lifespan of 15 years. Any older than that and you are compromising your energy efficiency and paying higher energy bills than you have to.

4.     Failure to Heat

Boilers are common components in businesses and large buildings, such as schools, offices, retail spaces and stores. If the building isn’t heating up as quickly as it used to, or it stays cold even when you turn the heat up, get the boiler inspected by a technician.

5.     No Hot Water

Lastly, if you’re not getting hot water out of your boiler, the culprit could be the thermostat, airlock, diaphragm or valve. A faulty circulation system could be to blame if the water comes out colder or hotter than normal. Your water distribution should be uniform in its heat, not spotty.

6.     Leaks

As you can imagine, leaks are not good. They start off small but then spread quickly to the walls and floors. This results in a lot of preventable damage throughout the building.

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