5 Reasons Your AC is Not Blowing Cold Air

The whole purpose of having an air conditioning system is so that it can cool you down in summer. But if you’ve been noticing your AC isn’t blowing cold air, or it’s not doing so consistently, there could be several reasons behind this, from dirty filters to electrical issues. Here are the top five reasons your AC is not blowing cold air.

1.  Faulty Capacitors

The compressor in your AC acts as the heart of your unit, and as such, it needs a jolt of power to start initially and then keep running. This jolt is supplied by the capacitor, which, like a rechargeable battery, stores energy. Heat and power surges are the two main enemies of the capacitor. Heat comes from the high temps of summer weather, while power surges can occur as a result of lightning strikes.

2.     Dirty Air Filters

When your AC’s air filter gets clogged with dust, dirt, and foreign debris, cool air is blocked from cooling your home. This causes the unit to cool unevenly, resulting in some rooms being too cold while other rooms are too warm. That’s because blocked filters trap pockets of cold air in the coils, which causes icing,followed by water damage when that ice melts.

Your AC filter should be changed every few months, or sooner if you have pets or live near a highway or construction site. Air filter upgrades and replacements are a big part of regular AC maintenance.

3.  Thermostat and Cooling Switch Issues

Thermostats sometimes need to be re-calibrated to work properly, while other times, basic malfunctions occur. Still other times, it could be due to operator error, whereby the cooling switch was inadvertently switched off. If you have an analog thermostat, this is a great time to upgrade to a more efficient digital thermostat.

4.  Dirty Condensing Coils

The large condensing coils found on the outdoor unit can be a source of many problems for your AC. Dirty coils and bent fins can reduce the capacity of your AC unit to blow cold air. These coils need to be flushed out and cleaned periodically to work properly.

5.  Blocked Registers

Blocked and clogged registers and vents can prevent cold air from blowing through your home. Sometimes tears and holes in your ductwork can cause cold air to leak, which also affects air distribution and consistency.

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