5 Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

From air quality to comfort, there are many benefits of installing whole-house humidifiers. Dry air can have a negative impact on your home and your health. Perhaps you’ve tried placing a portable humidifier in one room here and there, but why not consider a whole house unit to benefit, well, the whole house?

Here’s a look at the advantages of installing a whole-house humidifier.

1.    Better Health

Low humidity dries out your nasal passages, throat, sinuses, and lungs. When you increase the indoor humidity to healthier levels, your risk of sinusitis and sore throats can be reduced. Humidifiers can also reduce how severe your asthma and allergy symptoms are. Just be sure to keep up with regular maintenance, as poorly-cleaned units can spread bacteria and more.

Also, when you add moisture to the air, you can prevent the spread of airborne viruses, which is good news during cold and flu season. And when one of your family members is sick, whole house humidifiers can ease congestion, open airways and reduce inflammation so they can feel better sooner.

2.    Better Sleep

Low-humidity indoor air dries out the soft palate, which can make snoring worse. A humidifier will moisten the soft palate, nasal passages, and throat, reducing congestion and thus lowering the chance of snoring. When you breathe easier, you sleep better!

3.    Comfort

Humidified air is more comfortable for you and your family. Not only can you keep chapped lips, dry skin, and eczema at bay, but you can also reduce the chance of irritated eyes and throat.

Additionally, whole-house humidifiers reduce static in your home, which can make your hair crazy, cling to your clothes, or shock you when touching someone.

4.    Energy Savings

Moist air feels warmer, so you can lower your thermostat by a couple of degrees and still feel comfortable, thus saving money on your energy bills. Yes, you will spend money to power the humidifier but today’s models are extremely efficient, translating to a net saving on your utilities.

5.    Protection of Belongings

When you maintain moderate humidity levels in your home, you can actually protect your belongings. That’s because very dry air tends to shrink, crack, or warp hardwood floors, framing, furniture, and molding. It can even cause peeling paint and damage wooden instruments such as violins and guitars. You can avoid this by maintaining a 30 to 50 percent relative humidity range.

And did you know whole-house humidifiers are beneficial to your houseplants? Because common indoor plants hail from humid tropical climates, they thrive in moist air much more so than in dry air.

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